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The Importance of Appearance on First Impressions

for Financial Advisors in a Digital World

Everyone understands the importance of a good physical appearance when making a first impression. If you look unprofessional in an initial meeting with a potential client, that’s how he or she will view you, regardless of the talent, knowledge, and experience you may possess. Because of this, successful people make sure to look their best and give prospects the confidence to listen to their message. Why should your digital appearance be any different?

If a prospect hears your name from a friend or colleague, they will almost certainly google you and look at your website or social media profile before bothering to reach out. Both should be consistent, complete, and up to date. If not, what kind of first impression are you making?

Upgrade your digital appearance to clearly communicate your brand identity, values, and services while enticing potential clients to want to know more.


This is likely to be the place where people get their first impression and it should contain, at a minimum, a concise overview of who you are and what you do. When you meet a new person face to face, you make sure your hair is combed, your clothes are clean, your voice is confident, and you’ve prepared discussion points for the conversation. Your website should be no different.

Content and Design

How do you know if your website is in good shape?

  • The colors, fonts, and images reflect your brand identity.

  • The logo is clear and good quality.

  • Your contact information is current.

  • The user experience is mapped out in an easy to follow order.

  • There is a call to action for visitors to click.

  • Services are summarized in a concise format.

Whether you’re able to see clients and prospects in person or not, your website should always be a reflection of your professionalism and skills.

Social Media

Everyone focuses on different social media platforms depending on their target audience. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or a combination, it’s important to make sure they are branded, current, and compliant.

Firm Profile Considerations

Regardless of the platform you are using, there are ways to customize your profile to stand out and look professional. Your profile should always include:

  • Logo

  • Customized banner

  • Contact information

  • Summary of the firm

  • Link to your website

  • Disclosures

Your firm profile, particularly on LinkedIn, is a fantastic way to begin positioning your brand as a thought leader. However, setting up your profile is only step one. Post regularly and share valuable information with your followers to demonstrate that you’re always thinking about the industry. If you aren’t ready to develop your own content, that’s okay. You can easily share great information you’ve found and describe why it’s helpful or important. Consistent posts keep people coming back for more and give new people a reason to follow your business. By ensuring your firm page is professional and posting regularly, you can increase brand awareness, improve prospecting, and enhance client communication.

Advisor Profile Considerations

As a financial advisor you may be the face of your firm. If your social media profiles are public and list your occupation and/or firm name, it’s important to keep them professional. You should have a recent headshot, a description of your firm, and a banner that is consistent with your firm’s brand. Registered advisors also are subject to many rules of which you may not be aware. You can’t have any endorsements or reviews and you’re required to archive all posts and messages. Ask your compliance officer to review your profile and approve it for prospect and client use.

Profile Content

During this period of social distancing, communication could not be more important. Calling and emailing your clients is paramount but posting on your social media channels can be another way to help to assure clients that you’re doing all you can. Keep them updated on the situation, offer helpful tips, let them know when you’re available for calls, or just offer motivation and support. High levels of stress can drive some clients to inaction. Remind them you’re there for them and ready to help by posting on the social media platforms they use regularly.

Get Started

Some of these tasks may require a bit of help. Whether you’re ready for a digital makeover or just a “touch up”, let us know. We’re equipped to take your digital appearance to the next level and give you the free time you need to focus on what you do best.


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