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Keeping Track of Internal Meetings from Home

Plus a Template to Help

When you’re separated from your team, one of the biggest challenges is tracking what’s being worked on and by whom. We have found that one way to improve your workflow is by using an internal meeting tracker. Whether you have monthly, weekly, or daily update calls with your team, recording key information is crucial to ensure no detail falls through the cracks.

We built a simple but effective template that can be used to do just that.

Be sure to make someone responsible for taking notes during the call and save them in a shared location. Alternatively, if you are recording your meetings, log the location of the saved recording.

When a meeting is cancelled due to unavailability – make note of it and create a task to reschedule the meeting as soon as possible.

Clients should always be priority number one for any successful financial advisor. By keeping track of internal operations, you will save time and ensure clients are receiving the high level of service they deserve.

And here is a picture of our coworker, Link, to make everyone's day just a little better:


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